Priestbird – stream the new album, download the first single, watch the video

I overlooked a new release this week in the “What are you buying?” post. Priestbird (the artists formerly known as Tarantula AD) released the trippy In Your Time today. If you can, imagine mid-70s Pink Floyd recording an album of metal tunes out in the California desert with Josh Homme twisting the knobs.

“But Chip,” you’re saying, “I’ve never heard of Priestbird. I’m not going to blindly go buy this CD even though your description of the band’s music sounds killer. Is there any place I can sample music for myself?” I’m glad you asked. Kemado Records and Priestbird are streaming In Your Time in it’s entirety here (note: I can’t get the streming player to open in Firefox but it seems to work in Internet Explorer).

If you don’t have time to stream the whole album, you can also download the first single from the album – “Seasons of the Sun” (MP3) .

Here’s the “Seasons of the Sun” video. If you can’t view it on this page, watch it on YouTube.

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