LOST: Catch-22

Check out the nice video recap somebody posted on YouTube.

I don’t have many theories after watching last night’s episode. I was hoping to catch some hidden things in the opening scene when the images flashed by really fast (ah, I love having Tivo and being able to watch frame by frame) but really all they showed were things that happened later on in the episode.

Obviously, the name of the episode (and the book, in Portuguese, that the parachutist – at least I’m assuming it’s the parachutist’s – had was “Catch 22”) played heavily into the plotline. If Desmond lets Charlie die, perhaps the parchutist is Penny. If Desmond saves Charlie, then perhaps he’s missing a chance to see Penny.

We finally learned why Desmond calls everybody “Brutha”. His backstory probably could have been wrapped up quicker but I’m a big Desmond fan (or, should I say, I big fan of Desmond’s acccent) so I enjoy the episodes he’s in even if I don’t know how they are going to play into the bigger puzzle. It seems like in this episode and the other Desmond-centric one, he’s being told that he has a bigger calling …. that’s he’s got a purpose/destiny to fulfill. I’ve been so accustomed to watching each episode with an eye for hidden easter eggs that when Desmond was leaving the monastary and talking to the monk, I noticed right away the poorly Photoshopped photo on his desk with the monk and the storekeeper that Desmond encountered in his last backstory.

Now, the question I have is is the photo intentionally poorly Photoshopped because perhaps a lot of Desmond’s backstory isn’t based in reality but rather “visions” that he has of his past, maybe even of things that didn’t really happen or did the production crew just do a bad/quick job because they wanted to show some sort of connection to the two people that have given Desmond advice?

Some interesting links/theories (which means take them for what they are worth … about 99% of the rumors/theories that are floated out there don’t prove to be true) that I did run across on different sites/messageboards include:

* The parachutist is another plant by the Others. Is the woman in the photo in Ben’s office the parachutist?

* The parachutist was sent by Ben to “force” the Losties to reconnect the cable (the one that Hurley finds in the sand) to the satellite uplink that will allow the Others to have contact with the outside world again. The parachutist and/or the Others can’t do it themselves because the Losties might see unknown people on the beach and attack them. The parachutist has to convince the Losties that they need to do this.

* I noticed this last night, but not the week before, that in the coming attractions, the announcer said something like “There are 5 episodes left …” so I think a lot of what we saw in the coming attractions won’t necessarily happen next week. That being said, there are some good screen captures that show stuff like a tent camp set up by, presumably, the Others.

Finally, I just want to say that once again Sawyer delivers the line of the week when he comes across Jack and Juliet and asks, “Are you guys discussing who your favorite Other is?” Awesome!

2 thoughts on “LOST: Catch-22

  1. Ok, so what is up with all of these characters who not only seem to know everything about the various characters’ lives on Lost, but are purposefully GUIDING them along towards their destiny? I know a lot of people want to think they are angel or devils, but I’m pretty sure the show’s creators have specifically ruled that out as an explanation. Brutha!

  2. And another thing….where the hell did Rousseau disappear to? Will Jacob be revealed by the finale? Too many questions!!

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