Glossary gives it away for free


Following in the wake of Radiohead’s big news this week, Tennessee rockers Glossary have posted their entire new release, ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’, up on their website and are inviting fans and skeptics to download the thing for free. And I, for one, would much rather hear this CD than the new Radiohead CD.

Apparently Glossary-hungry fans crashed with the massive amount of downloading going on but as of the time of this post, you should be able to hit the site and grab ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’. If you dig what you hear – and you will if you like anything on the Undertow label (Milton Mapes, Magnolia Summer, etc.), Two Cow Garage, Lucero, etc., etc. – then maybe do the band a favor and BUY a copy of an older release or a t-shirt or something.

Here’s a preview “commercial” for ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’.
YouTube Preview Image

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