launched April 4, 2007. Previously, I ran a site called (1998-2006) that had it’s ups and downs over the years. There were a ton of really great interviews and features that were done by myself and a small staff but as time progressed, I had less and less time to keep it updated so I killed it off. The itch to keep writing about bands I loved got to be too strong and, taking the name from my former column, I started over with The name, by the way, doesn’t mean anything and really has no ties to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin although I get that question a lot. Truth of the matter is, I put my name into a nickname generator back in the early ’00s and it spit out “Atomic Ned”. I knew someday I’d have to use that name for something and when Robert Duffy asked if I would be interested in contributing a column to Donewaiting, I decided that was the perfect time to use it.

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